Thamer Alrumih

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia • +966 598273722 •


Seeking a career in the computer science field.


California State University, Chico

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2012 - 2017)

GPA: 3.097


Languages: C, C++, Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, XML, HTML, CSS, R

Other skills:

Proficient in Arabic and English languages, spoken and written

Excellent written and oral communication

Experience working in a team oriented setting

Adept at following complex directions

Hard worker who is eager to learn and apply education

Selected Coursework

Software Engineering: An overview of software engineering principles and practice.

Data Science:Big data, and programming in R.

Shell Programming:Text/data manipulation, system administration in different operating systems.

Artificial Intelligence:An introduction to the basic principles, techniques, and applications of AI.

Mobile Application Development:Implementation of native mobile applications using Android Studio.

Selected Projects

Rate My Rental:Web application in which users rate their rentals developed using Ruby on Rails.

Gaming News:An Android application that gives users a feed of news on followed video games, developed using Java and Python.

Calendar: Web application for organizing personal and social events, developed using Ruby on Rails.



Work Experience




Project Manager


The Best Direction

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Managed advertising campaigns for a variety of products.

Plan campaigns and coordinate with teams to ensure campaign’s success.

communicate project status with clients through weekly reports.